Lithium Industry Cost Service

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Lithium Industry Cost Service

Lithium is used in a wide variety of end-use applications ranging from ceramics and glass to industrial greases, although it is the use of lithium compounds in lithium--ion battery technologies which has set the market on an unprecedented growth trajectory. Use the lithium industry cost service to compare lithium asset production costs across the industry. The cost service allows you to see changes in lithium costs over time and understand the forces underpinning the cost of production, all normalised to a variety of industry metrics.

Designed to:

  • Compare asset level production costs on the industry cost curve
  • Provide a breakdown of mining, processing, refining cost data on an asset-by-asset basis
  • Show the impact of individual cost elements on lithium producers' total All-In Sustaining Cost position.
  • Help understand future price directions as production costs impact supply
  • Provide independent industry cost analysis

Cost Breakdown:

Mineral Assets

+ Mining cost+ Concentrator cost+ Mine Site G&A- By-Product credits

Mine site Cash Operating Costs (COC)+ Mine site royalties/production taxes

FOB Mine site production costs+ Realisation cost

CIF Mine site production costs / Total Cash Costs (TCC)+ Reclamation & Remeditian cost+ Exploration cost+ Sustaining capital cost

CIF Mine site All-In Sustaining Cost+ Refining cost

Mine to refining All-In Sustaining Cost

Brine Assets

+ Extraction cost+ Processing cost+ Refining cost+ G&A- By-Product credits

Cash Operating Costs (COC)+ Royalties/production taxes

FOB Production costs+ Realisation cost

CIF Production costs / Total Cash Costs (TCC)+ Reclamation & Remediation cost+ Exploration cost+ Sustaining capital cost

All-In Sustaining Cost