April 1: Stellar locations to mine antimony and tungsten

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April 1: Stellar locations to mine antimony and tungsten

Antimony and tungsten are two important raw materials to allow improved military and outpost expansions.

Several distant planets in Starfield host antimony resources and there are 25 known planets and moons where antimony can be mined. Tungsten on the other hand is rarer in Starfield but critical for building heavy machinery and mining equipment. In order to support galactic outpost expansions it is important to get tungsten mining going.

The moon Voss of the gas-giant planet Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system is well endowed with a variety of resources, including water, lead, nickel, and even uranium. But tungsten claims the position as its most valuable resource. However, fuel is difficult to come by, so any mining will need to be supported by renewable energy, which means demand for more solar panels becomes critical. For antimony, while you can find several mines scattered across Starfield there are a swath of traders who can readily sell you some concentrate… if the price is right. Feels like home.

Back on Earth in the year 2024, the antimony market is valued at around US$2.4Bn, largely used as a flame retardant but its lead-hardening characteristic makes it an important feature of ballistics. The solar PV industry is becoming an increasingly important sector for antimony to help improve efficiency, potentially making it an enabler of space exploration. Tungsten is valued at US$3.2Bn, with cemented carbides representing the main end-use tracking developments in automotive, oil and gas, and mining and construction as the main drivers of demand.