Critical Materials Webinar - Ferroalloys Q4 2023

11/2/2023, 10:00:00 PM - 12/30/2023, 10:00:00 PM



Critical Materials Webinar - Ferroalloys Q4 2023

Venue: Pre-recorded webinar

Schedule: 02/11/2023 - 30/12/2023

Our steel and alloys experts answer three questions facing the ferroalloys supply chain.

Welcome and webinar introduction. Dr Jack Bedder, Project Blue

Q1. Are steel alloys impacted by energy transition trends? Dr Nils Backeberg, Project Blue

Q2. How are logistical issues impacting global supply chains? Tanisha Schultz, Project Blue

Q3. How will decarbonisation reshape the steel industry? Erik Sardain, Project Blue


Dr Nils Backeberg, Founder & Director, Project Blue

Tanisha Schultz, Research Analyst, Project Blue

Erik Sardain, Principal Analyst, Project Blue